Saturday, April 17, 2010

Christian Knows His Letters

We were all sitting in Christian's room this morning, playing with the box of animals Aunt Gran gave to him. He picked up the box, pointed to the letter i, and said "i." David looked at me and said, "yes, that's the letter i." He and I were both thinking "hmmm, what a funny coincidence." Then Christian pointed to the letter n and said "n." We couldn't believe it! He kept pointing to other letter i's and saying "i," then he pointed to the m and said "m." So apparently Christian can read the letters i, m, and n. Where on earth did he learn this? I have never worked on letters with him. I know some kids this age can read letters (Elsa), but we're amazed that he learned these without our help or knowledge. Sometimes these little babies have big surprises.

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