Thursday, April 22, 2010

Parents Night at School

Christian's school had a parents night Tuesday night. It was a time for David and me to see what Christian does at school. He was so proud to show off for us. We have always known he is happy there, but it was great to see the relationships he has formed with his teachers. As soon as we arrived he gave Miss Margaret and big hug and had a long conversation with Miss Usha about animal sounds. Then he showed us how he does art each day. Apparently art is one of his favorite activities. Here are some photos of him at work:

Next we got to hear a story and have music with Miss Christy. It was neat to see how well he knows the music. He obviously enjoys that part of his day and pays close attention to the songs. He knew exactly when to hold his dinosaur high during the Dinosaur Song, and he ran to the pom pom bin before the Pom Pom song even began.

The famous Dinosaur Song

The Pom Pom Song

It was a late night for Christian and he was clearly exhausted by his 8:15 bedtime. He slept until 9:30 the next day! What an exciting evening for our little boy.

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